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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Coming out of Hibernation

I wish I could say it was sunny and warm here and that is why I am virtually popping out of hiding. Alas, it is still dreary winter. And, we are due to get snow AGAIN tomorrow. Perhaps I was overly optimistic that this winter would not be a long one. In any event, I am here. Quiet, but here. I am have been ridiculously consumed with work and the family that I have little time to focus on my vices, which quite obviously include this blog.

I must tell you that I have had an overly attentive husband that has been keeping me off the computer too. I don't mind that all too much. :)

In other news:

Lately I have had all these grand plans and ideas swirling in my scatterbrain. Now, if I could just focus on my energy on seeing on item through to its completion, I might actually get a sense of satisfaction. It is like a book you pick up with really good intentions and then put it down one day and never find the time to get back to it. I have a big, huge shelf of those--books and ideas. Work is really cramping my creative style.

A note on the career - The daily grind, albeit time consuming, has reminded me that my talents do not only include toilet training and baking. Of course, I will say that I did bake a scrumptious batch of brownies which I am currently enjoying. Pardon me typing with my mouth full.

On trying - I will not make a promise that I can blog everyday. The truth is that is not even feasible right now. However, I will make a concerted effort to type a bit of dribble at least once a week. Deal?