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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed

Well we arrived at our new duty station back at the end of June. I've been a bit all over the blogosphere and plumb forgot this one. I'm a terrible blogger as it turns out.

We survived the transAmerican PCS. It was fantastic, actually. Quickly after arriving real military life set back in to motion with the man in blue having to go to work of all places. Can you even fathom it? I was really looking forward to vacation mode all summer.

Truthfully, his going back to work gave us a bit of a schedule. Sort of. We still haven't truly adjusted to the time change or even the new home. I feel like we are on extended holiday in some foreign land. The people here have funny accents. Funny because they don't fit the area. Funny too because I know they look at us funny with our wacky accents. Well, the man in blue has a more recognizable accent. I think people are still trying to place me and figure me out. I don't really have anything that is discernible except a few slang words that might give away the farm.

Let's see what else? Hmmmm....Oh yes, I got the message from my mom this morning. It's been 2 months. I'm really missing you and the kids. I can't believe she had a going away party for us and it's been 2 months. Now, that's not really long in the grand scheme of things, but no matter where I've ever lived or been stationed over the years, she and I have seen each other usually within a 2 or 3 month period with one of us going to the other for a quick visit. And, now, it's much harder for her with the grandkids being involved. My dad, well he just goes with the flow. He doesn't say it much, but I know he misses seeing us all. He doesn't have to say it though, mom says it enough for him.

The next hitch in our schedule comes when school starts, which will be soon. Tomorrow is registration day for new students. Now, I have to spend the evening digging out immunization records and school transfer papers. Fun!

Well folks, as school time sets in and the man in blue travels, you may (or may not) find me blogging more frequently.

Until then, ciao and cheers and have a wicked good night!