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Friday, April 15, 2011

SUPER FUN while the man in blue is sailing the deep blue.

He’s home. Here’s what he missed. It was LOADS of fun.

-> Fleapalooza 2011 and the crazy cleaning to ensure it didn't "infect" the whole house

-> My falling pretty sick from using way too many varied (and strong) cleaning products - stupid I know

-> Friend’s child missing nightmare when she didn’t get off the right bus to my house

-> Fifth’s Disease x 2 kids (which was misdiagnosed)

-> Houseguests (waiting on base housing to open up) – they were great though (mom, baby & dog)

-> Bead up the child's nose ER fiasco - that was pretty embarassing to explain and still not sure how that transpired

-> Incessant Hail Storms

-> Children's Night Terrors

-> Preschooler tantrums

-> Dog repeatedly ripping up my gardening/landscaping attempts

-> Tsunami Middle of the Night Mad Dash to Gas Station and related freak outs

-> Earthquake Drills

-> Preschooler tantrums

-> Ridiculous second grade sleepover drama (and some giggles)

-> Preschooler tantrums

-> Choking debacles of a child and subsequent swallowing issues

-> Preschooler tantrums

-> Tricare not wanting to approve some treatment

-> Mommy tantrums

-> The worry over the government possibly shutting down and possibly not seeing a paycheck

-> Friend fell sick and I took care of her kids (happily) thereby providing with a (hungry) brood of 6

Gosh, he’s missed all the fun. Such is the life of a Coastie wife, right?

Unfortunately, he also missed
- Various holidays
- A child's First Communion
- and two birthdays :( 
- Oh, and the culmination of potty training (no more diapers in this house!!!!)

Such is the life of a Coastie.

Can I go on vacation now?