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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break is FINALLY over

I am here. My children did not sell me to a wild band of monkeys. We simply were "enjoying" Spring Break. Woah, what a long, long, long time off. I am grateful for teachers. 'Nuff said.

I will say I have been busier than ever since school started again. It has been insane. Good insane.

In any event, I was enjoying Navy Wife Radio this evening. They were hosting Erica of "Guide to Military Travel" tonight. It was super! She has such great tips and a wonderful site. Be sure to check her out.

On another note, March is almost over. That is a PSA for those of you without a calendar. I am so eager for the flowers of April to be here and hopefully summer will be much closer than it is looking right now. I know I am pushing it, but this rainy Northwest weather has me worn down. I need some sun. Mail me some, please!

Anyway, bad blog. I stink at this tonight. I have a dog eating a yogurt foil top and three children running amok needing to be in bed soon. Ta ta for now!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kiss Me, I am partially Irish

"Here's to our wives and girlfriends: May they never meet!"

Yes, the above Irish toast was actually made at my wedding by my husband's best friend. Fortunately, it was not said in front of all of our guests.

And, with that, I wish you very happy St. Patrick's Day! Be safe, be green and be happy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two posts in one day?

In one night even.

Pardon this blog interruption for random poetry.

On a western bay
I sit
Moments away
from you
Oceans take moments
from others
and from us
Our separation, though,
 is so
minimal and
insignificant -now
We have been pardoned
by tragedy
Despite longing for your
I rejoice
I know, unlike many, an ocean away
that you will be home again
My heart breaks for them
but sighs relief
that our separation is only temporary.

JAGIP sends

Coffee anyone?

Living in the PacNW, it's ironic and semi-unfortunate that I do not drink coffee. I don't loathe it. In fact, I once drank it and enjoy many delicious flavors. Thanks to imbibing far too much in this bean based beverage during a couple year period in high school, I have no desire to ever drink it again. You see I worked in a coffee shop, as did my sister, my mother and my aunt. And, we all always smelled like coffee. We had this luxurious perk of being able to take beans or ground coffee home with us in varying amounts each month. So, that, my friends caused me to be coffeed out.

I have friends who are a flourishing mountainside shade of green with envy at the fact that I live here where coffee shops come in all different sizes, styles, locations, and budget areas. The Northwest is seemingly a coffee mecca in the United States. I think it is a bit insane, but that is only because I see drive-thru espresso shops. Funny. I wonder if they sell Coffee Gum there too? Ewwww.

Anyway, I met friends for coffee this morning. What? We met at this nifty little roaster on the bank of the Columbia River. I enjoyed a just barely piping hot - hot cocoa. It was divine. However, the most wonderful part was the delectable blueberry muffin that I purchased with it. It was melt in your mouth amazing. Oh, wait, the most wonderful part was the company I kept.

I was joined by some of the other CG wives I know whose men in blue work with my man in blue. We have created our own pseudo family of sorts as our community tends to have happen. They have been my source of sanity, friendship and humor on days when I long to be back on the right coast. They get me and I them. In fact, the CG community where I have recently found myself has been fantastic. Of course, I think it is like that everywhere, you just have to allow yourself to be a part of it, for better or worse. Sure, there are women and men here (or there or wherever) with personalities different from ours, but we can grow and learn to be better people by exposing ourselves to all types. That's what I try to remind myself anyway.

Let me put it this way, my friends back home are a tad bit---no rather, hugely different than the folks I have met here and who are from here or near here. They have different ideals and a different way of life all together. Little, yellow, different.


Anyway, I keep saying different. I suppose they think I'm, um, errrrr *different*.

I adapt though. I may be taking on some of "their" collective traits. The one thing I cannot seem to do though is to S-L-L-L-O-O-O-W-W-W down and chill. That is just not me. I am an East Coast gal with adrenaline and vibrant energy running through my veins. I am in a perpetual state of motion. Some people, here, are, well, they aren't like that. It's been a ginormous adjustment. Even the fast food is SLOW here. Weird.

I won't say that this new location is horrible, because, in fact, it is just the opposite. It is growing on me and I am making the most of all this locale has to offer, from the culture to the beaches and even the local politics. Of course, that is a post for a whole other day when I can ramble on about the diversity of politics everywhere I have lived thus far. Nah, never mind, you don't want to read that.

I did get a taste of the East Coast tonight when the youngins' and I got a chance to Skype with some of our other CG friends still living the dream in New England. Love hearing that "wicked" accent.

So, tonight, I leave you with this thought. Why did I eat a whole bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs between yesterday and today? Why, oh, why did I do that? *belly ache*

Monday, March 14, 2011

Holy Blogging Absence Batman

My dear, dear friends, it has been oodles of months since I last blogged. Clearly. I apologize for my absence. Then again, did anyone actually miss me? Don't answer that.

Recently, I came to the realization that I need to recommence blogging. I need this cathartic outlet for pent up military life related frustration and well just ramble. You get that right?

My life has been so busy since I last wrote here. Of course, who's isn't? If you are ultimately bored and have no life, raise your hand. See, I didn't think so. You are likely reading this because you are looking to relate to something military/Coast Guard wife life related. I assure you, I am far more than that. In fact, I happen to think I am one of the funniest people on the planet. Sadly, I believe I am the only person who thinks so. Hence, my not appearing on Comedy Central anytime soon.

So, what have I been up to since last August? Well, we PCSd last summer 3,000+ miles from familiar territory. In my new location I have been fortunate enough to meet so many wonderful new folks, including one of my blog followers. :) (hey Chi!).

I am avidly volunteering, but also making time for fun when I can. I am the Sunshine Committee Chair and Newsletter Editor for my local spouse association. Woot! That keeps me busy, but so do a lot of other things, such as my three minions. With the man in blue frequently deployed, there is definitely not a dull moment around here. I am usually cooking someone, cleaning up after someone, chasing the dog back into the yard, skyping with family and friends, and otherwise saving the world.

I am going to make a concerted effort to blog every day, even if just to say, hey guys here is what I had for breakfast. I know you cannot wait.

Today, the coast is beautiful and the sky is blue (for the moment) so I am going to try and make the most of it.

Hit me up with a comment and let me know who you are and what you want to hear about. I'm all 'virtual' ears, kind of like Will Smith---ok that was wrong.