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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two posts in one day?

In one night even.

Pardon this blog interruption for random poetry.

On a western bay
I sit
Moments away
from you
Oceans take moments
from others
and from us
Our separation, though,
 is so
minimal and
insignificant -now
We have been pardoned
by tragedy
Despite longing for your
I rejoice
I know, unlike many, an ocean away
that you will be home again
My heart breaks for them
but sighs relief
that our separation is only temporary.

JAGIP sends


Chianne said...

I adore your poetry. More, please? You should come to Open Mic and share! Kids are welcome, too. :)

Just a Girl in a Port said...

I didn't know it was Open Mic like that, I figured it was music.

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Maybe I will.