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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break is FINALLY over

I am here. My children did not sell me to a wild band of monkeys. We simply were "enjoying" Spring Break. Woah, what a long, long, long time off. I am grateful for teachers. 'Nuff said.

I will say I have been busier than ever since school started again. It has been insane. Good insane.

In any event, I was enjoying Navy Wife Radio this evening. They were hosting Erica of "Guide to Military Travel" tonight. It was super! She has such great tips and a wonderful site. Be sure to check her out.

On another note, March is almost over. That is a PSA for those of you without a calendar. I am so eager for the flowers of April to be here and hopefully summer will be much closer than it is looking right now. I know I am pushing it, but this rainy Northwest weather has me worn down. I need some sun. Mail me some, please!

Anyway, bad blog. I stink at this tonight. I have a dog eating a yogurt foil top and three children running amok needing to be in bed soon. Ta ta for now!

1 comment:

Chianne said...

my outdoor tulips are coming out of the ground, so it can't be long now! COME ON SPRING!!!