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Monday, March 17, 2008

He's home. *sigh*

I know I shouldn't be on the computer. I should be enjoying every last minute with my husband. He just got back, you know. I have a little time to myself though. He took the dog to the vet this afternoon. Yippee, something I don't have to do. Isn't that why homecomings are great? The hubby comes home to a long 'honey do' list. Alright, so he didn't have one waiting for him. I was tempted though.

I did accomplish quite a bit while he was gone in the way of home remodeling. I was bound and determined to show him my military spouse strength and that I hadn't lost "it". I still had the fortitude to go forth and take care of things. It wasn't so much to prove that I didn't need him, because quite the contrary I do. He's great for back rubs and oil changes. Rather, it was to remind myself that I can get things done. After all, I endured 12 weeks of boot camp, become an expert rifleman, and naturally birthed three children (no not all at the same time). I'm woman hear me ROAR!

The best part yesterday was when we all walked through the front door and my husband looked around. I was waiting for him to ask "What happened to the kitchen?" Honestly, I don't think he loves what I've done, and it's still be worked on. Still, he just smiled and seemed surprised. He then looked at the kids' rooms and took in all I had done in there. I was proud to show off all that I had done during this deployment.

I'm going to have some down time since he just got back though. I think I've earned it. So, I'll try to get on here again soon to share some tidbits with you all. Till next time.


Kre8tiveMemoreez said...

HI! This is Kre8tiveMemoreez from Milspouse. Great Blog!:^)I love the quote on top!!

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Thanks for the comment. Great to see you here. I appreciate you stopping by.