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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Name Calling

Now, I will admit, I've been called some interesting things in the past. Ignorant and foolish men have had some inappropriate and colorful names for military women. You may even know a few. I shrugged them off. I figured why stoop to that level, right?

As a civilian, people have called me much nicer names, my favorite - veteran! Somehow that impresses folks. Truly, I'm no hero. I'm just happy to be among the ranks of many other great servicewomen and servicemen.

In all my days, I never thought I'd be called names by my children. No, no, they aren't horrible little brats. They think they are funny. Apparently, I need to give them a lesson in humor.

Here's the story. You know how you feel like you are constantly cleaning up after someone, sweeping the floor, paying the bills, changing a diaper, fixing a meal, etc.? Heck, I felt like that even when I was gainfully employed outside of the home. At any rate, you likely know the feeling if you are a parent. It can be downright frustrating. You almost find yourself dreaming of a great big "thank you" spa gift certificate to drop into your hands at your tiredest moment. It doesn't, but you still dream.

The other day, while running back and forth from lunch on the back deck and clearing things into the kitchen, my eldest beckons, me.....

Oh waiter!

Oh, yes, she did. My jaw dropped. I half laughed and half fumed for a moment. My husband laughed at me when I regaled him with this story later that night. He stopped laughing when he was going to tuck the kids into bed and a child called to him: Hey, big guy.

Yes, yes, my children need a lesson in respect this week.

You can stop chuckling now. I imagine you have a similar story. Come on, spill it.

1 comment:

Amber said...

I get, "Hey, babe!" every now and again. I've not been called waiter. I don't know that I'd take too kindly to it. ;)

The big boy has started saying, "Milk, please. A straw, please?" Instead of properly asking, "May I please have some milk?" The way he's saying it now sounds more like a command and is irritating me.

Gotta love 'em, huh? The "big guy" thing is too much!