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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy belated Thanksgiving my friends!

Well, I have so much to be thankful for this year. Not only did I have my husband home to celebrate the holiday with me and the children, but we also just returned from a wonderful vacation. Of course, it was one of those vacations where you need another vacation to recuperate from it. You know the type, right? What can I say, with three small children in tow, there typically isn't much relaxing on vacation, unless, of course, you had a nanny or mother's helper along with you. We entertained the thought but realized money would be better spent in other ways on the trip.

At any rate, we are home. And, as they say, there is no place like home. Going from a small hotel room with 2 adults and 3 pint size individuals and lots of luggage, anything slightly bigger would have been inviting. Mama needs her personal space you know.

Oh, and how I missed my big, comfy bed. Although, I will say, my big comfy bed may be too big or too high off the ground. Our first night/morning back home (around 0530) I fell off the bed (sort of) and busted up my shoulder. The baby was beckoning me by screaming "Mama Mama" from his room. In an effort to rescue the little critter, I decided to pick up my middle child (who snuck into our bed in the middle of the night) and return her to her room first. With her in my arms, I started to get off the bed, slipped but quickly regained my balance. Nevertheless, as soon as I did that, I tripped on something (a shirt I think) and down we fell faster than you can say "oops".

Well, that hurt like the dickens. Somehow I saved our heads from crashing into the closet or the corner of the wall and only injured my shoulder by landing on my side. My dear sweet girl says to me (as I'm screaming in pain) "Don't worry Mama, I've got you." Made my heart melt.

My husband leaped out of bed and consequently, so did my eldest daughter to see what happened. Well, folks it wasn't Santa landed on the roof or an earthquake, it was just me at my finest. And, that my friends, is why another one of my nicknames is "Grace". Honest. It all began with me walking into a glass wall at a bank once upon a time, but that's another story for another blog post.

The jury has been out as to whether I busted my rotator cuff or just pulled a muscle. My mother has been urging me to go to the doctor while my hubby says I should tough it out, like he does. I've regained motion (for the most part) and some of the swelling has gone done. Thanks to, the hardcore military medical regime so many of us are accustomed to. What is that? Why, it's 800 mg of Motrin and water of course. It's the miracle cure. ;)

Oh, and what to wondrous eyes should appear when I returned home, but a fabulous new blog to follow (created by one of my favorite bloggers and artists and her friend): Glam Gals. Glory be!

Ciao for now.


liberal army wife said...

Sweetie, whilst I am a great proponent of Ranger Candy and Ice - please go see a Dr. I had a "frozen shoulder" and the long Physical Therapy and pain to recover from that was so horrendous.

Happy T. Day.


.Becca. said...

Boooo for falling! Always and embarrassing and rather sucky thing to have happen. Especially while carrying a child. I've had it happen several times. I'm also a bit of a klutz.

Thanks for the shout out, yo! I forgot your hubs was a Coastie (or is it "Guardian" now?)

I shall add you to that section, too, since you're a Marine but married to a Coastie!

Sara said...

Vitamin M at it's finest! I hope you are okay!

(I'm an Air Force wife. If you need more Mortrin, I bet I can send you some we've got lying around!)