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Friday, September 12, 2008

Leading troops of a gentler kind.

It's official. I'm going to be leading again; Girl Scouts that is. Once upon a time, I was a co-leader for a Brownie troop. This was before I even had kids. I even assisted with a troop when I could when stationed in North Carolina at a church not far from Camp Lejeune. The Girl Scout organization just appeals to me. It's truly a great outfit. As a young girl, I only actually participated for one year, but I hope my daughters will enjoy it for years to come and maybe even become leaders themselves one day.

Girl Scouts of America has recently restructured, well recently as in the past year. One little example of that is that Daisy Girl Scouts will now be 2 years instead of one. This is perfect because, we won't PCS for 2 years so at least I can finish out here, and if we move she can bridge to Brownies at our new location and our younger daughter can start her scouting adventure there at the same time. I was so concerned that my oldest would start Brownies next year and have to switch troops.

So, it's all very exciting. And, what's better is my co-leader showed up planning on only registering her daughter, who happens to be my girl's friend from school. I think someone convinced the mom to lead because by the time I saw her again, as I was leaving, she said she was going to co-lead with me. Yippee!

That's the news of the day. Now, to find a venue for our meetings. We used to hold that at leaders' homes, no apparently you are not allowed to, which is fine with me. That's just one less group for which I'd have to clean my house. ;)


Suzie said...

Congrats. I never thought about girl scouts I guess now with a girl it may be a reality. Have a good time Im sure youll be great

Lindsay said...

I never did girl scouts, but I remember thinking it looked "so cool" in the eyes of a 6 year old.


liberal army wife said...

cool. I was a certified Boy Scout leader for a while.. the first woman that troop had, and they didn't like it much... but no one else would do it! I hope they are gentler... they may be little, but hey, they are a bunch of kids in a group... they get sneaky!

congrats for stepping up and making sure your daughter and her friends could have a troop.


Brando said...

Yay for Girl Scouts. I did it until I was in 4th grade and was glad that I experienced so many great things. Good luck!

Stevesprincess said...

I wanted to be in girl scouts so bad when I was little. My youngest son just loves being a parts of the Boy Scouts. I just wish the troop he is in right now was a little more structured, but maybe the next on will be better. Good luck to you and your daughter.