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Saturday, September 6, 2008

My little old lady.

I bet you didn't know I gave birth to a middle aged woman. Well, now, she's matured into a little old lady. Alright, so she's just an old soul with a penchant for music from a bygone era, much like her Mama.

Walking, hand in hand with her Daddy on her first day of school, he reported that she regaled him with the following:

Good sign, right? She was quite obviously optimistic about her little world and the first day! From her perspective, opportunities abound, it would seem. I will admit thought that she hears the Michael Buble version more than version sung by Ol' Blue Eyes, just because that's the CD most often played in the Mom-Mobile.

Let's hope that after a rough day someday, I don't hear her crooning Blue's in the Night. Of course, that might just come after her first little crush heart-break. Of course, if she ends up makin' it big, like Katie Melua, I think I could handle almost any song she wants to sing.

1 comment:

{ Becca } said...

Haha! Cute!

Hubs and I are the same way. We should have lived in the 1940's! :)

I feel like a lot of mil fams feel that way.