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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Absolutely amazing.

I have been sending resumes out into the universe for a ridiculously long time now. Some were to see what responses I got in a particular field and others were downright serious with intentions on holding a particular position.

In the last two weeks, the rains came. I have had 2 job offers now, and 3 (other) interview requests. One of which is my ideal position. The call came yesterday. I am speechless. Part of me is overjoyed that I am in such *clears throat* high demand (LOL) and the other part is frustrated. Why is that when you accept a position somewhere, something that is seemingly equal and perhaps slightly better comes along just a little too late.

So frustrating!


Suzie said...

That is great! Good for you. Take your time and pick one thats right for you

{ Becca } said...

Lol, when it rains it pours, I guess! But good for you, you have the pick of the litter, so it seems! Like Suzie said, take your time and be sure you feel GOOD about your choice :) Congrats on all the offers!

The Mrs. said...


Cant wait to hear more about them...

liberal army wife said...

so we can cheer now?? yay!