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Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

No, no, not Christmas. I am talking about autumn. I have always loved this time of year.

Today, the kids and I enjoyed the backyard. Well, I should say, I raked and raked and they then scattered my leaf piles all over the place. Needless to say, that was not 100% fun for me, but they had a good time. I felt accomplished. Silly me though, I know more leaves will fall and my backyard will once again be a rainbow pasture.

Oh, and great news on the troop front. We FINALLY have a meeting place. After ignores or "no's" from churches and schools, we had one place that said YES today. Yippee! I've got to make all of my parent phone calls this week to let them know where and when we will be meeting and what to expect for the first meeting.

This week, will be a crazy one for me. Isn't it always though? Sheesh, I need to stop making myself sound SO important. I may or may not be tapping my toes tomorrow night. The jury is still out on that. I have a parenting group on Tuesday. Wednesday is a jumping jive class. Thursday, well I think I can breathe on Thursday and then poof Friday is Halloween. The little goblins are going to be an adorable dinosaur, Ariel (the Little Mermaid) and Cinderella (which was supposed to be Giselle and has changed). Is it next weekend yet? I'm tired just thinking about all of this. Oh yeah, and work. Can't forget that.

Have a great week all!


Suzie said...

I love fall too. I hope you have a great week

The Mrs. said...

fall is great. We had some MAJOR winds so most of the leaves are gone and so it would seem that winter is RIGHT around the corner.

My little one is going to be a dinosaur as well. I'm sure your kids will be adorable no doubt!