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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do I miss the military?

I get asked this a lot. My response is both yes and no. There are certain things I truly miss about my time in the service. However, as many of you can understand, there is a lot of imbecility that I don't miss. Of course, it's like that with any job or lifestyle. I can't say that I have ever loved one thing 100% without any misgivings. Even upon reentering the civilian world when I first got out, I disliked things. The ironic part was that one thing I truly detested was the public's inability to move at the pace I wanted them to. I forgot that I didn't control the world. I was no longer in charge of anyone. I couldn't give marks every quarter, and I did not maintain the ability to withhold their vacation time if they didn't perform to my standards.

Alright, that makes the military me sound a little harsh. I don't think I was that bad. Others might tell you differently. Still, being a woman in the service comes with it's own baggage. There are myths. There are rumors. There is discrimination. There is a lot of nonsense, as I said above. And, that, THAT I don't miss.

I will say that I loved my job. I moved up the ranks fairly quickly. I landed a job with some great schooling. I had some good friends. I have many great memories. Though, it all seems like that was another lifetime. Now, I am more educated. I've had a few more birthdays. I've gained a husband. I've got a few monkeys who call me mom, and I have a resume that reads quite well.

Would I trade this for another stint in the service? Not hardly. I wouldn't mind going back and keeping all of this, but it's not possible. I'm a different person now and my responsibilities are different. I'm holding down the homefront. I'm serving in a whole new way. Sure, I don't get the pay and I don't make rank, but I have great pride in watching and supporting my husband serve this country.

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