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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Free time, military wives, and great moms!

Is there really such a thing as free time? Being a mother and military wife, that is such a funny question. I have learned that with time management, almost anything is possible. Though, I don't consider my time "free". It can always be used for something good whether it be offering a supportive hand to a friend going through a troubling PCS or planning fundraising for a spouse support group. Do you sense a theme here? I love to give back to the military community. I think it's vitally important for family morale. After all, over my years as a spouse, I've benefited so much from the kindness and support of other spouses and families, that I feel the torch has been passed to me in a way.

Here's a funny, sort of, story for you. A couple of years ago, upon recognizing that the geographic area we were living in had no "welcome committee" or Spouse Club, I decided to commence the establishment of them myself. It was nothing much. I mailed out some brochures, housing information to folks PCSing in and when they arrived I sent them a small little gift. One wife sent me a lovely thank you note expressing her appreciation. She couldn't believe that I did this by myself. Now, it really was nothing--seriously. It was just a tiny box of Whitman's chocolates and a votive candle with a "welcome to the area" note. Still, to her it meant so much. And, to me, her appreciation meant the world.

Recently, I read about another's military wife's efforts in working with families and volunteer organizations. Her list of accomplishments and volunteer work astounded me. She didn't seem to bat an eye and felt it was truly what she was meant to do--what she needed to do. I can relate and found myself in her shoes (sort of).

At any rate, women like this wife and so many others do these things out of the kindess of their hearts and as a way to give back. They don't expect recognition. They get fulfillment in a different way. Still, recognition is nice, especially when you least expect it. With this in mind, I direct you to something I read about on the MilSpouse blog today, shared by Editor Babette Maxwell. Just in time for Mother's Day 2008, you can nominate your favorite mom to be "America's Favorite Mom". Please think about the moms in your life, especially those in the military community and consider who deserves to be nominated. I've got a few wonderful women in mind myself.

Nominate Your Favorite Mom

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