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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yes, Virginia, Mama did wear combat boots.

Alright, so my daughter's name isn't Virginia, but I have worn combat boots. In fact, I've done so proudly. Long gone are those days now. I've traded my cammies and boots for kitchen and diaper duty. Really, not much has changed. I'm still supervising, cleaning up other people's messes and getting paid less than I'm worth.

Honestly, this blog is mostly in jest. Here you will find the comic ramblings of my everyday life as a military spouse and mother. I will gladly share moments that others can connect with, but may be hesitant to share with the world. It will be the portal to the inner-workings of my chaotic mind that is on overdrive most days.

Feel free to contact me with your stories. We can commiserate about the woes and excitements of being a mom and military spouse.


Time Travelers Wife said...


I found your site through life of a sea wife. I read hers as I can relate to not having a husband for long periods while he is at sea (merchant seaman) plus I have three children under 6 - madness as you know :-)

I have added your link to my site if you don't mind? It's mainly random nonsense but keeps me sane :-)
Keep up the blogs
All the best

Just a Girl in a Port said...

I will surely add your site. Thank you for visiting here.