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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Must haves in your Mom Arsenal

A day out with the (little) kids means packing heat, I mean treats. That’s for you AND the little ones. Here are a few suggestions that I find work well.

~Biter Biscuits

~Stickers (To answer your question, it can be any kind--even price stickers. Because, if your children are behaving wildly, you can alway stick a price on their forehead and shove them up on a shelf for someone else to bring home--at cost of course.)

~M&MS (You know you need a sugar high just to muster the energy sometimes.)

~Baby wipes (They have more purposes than one can imagine.)

~Spare change (Actually make that dollars-inflation, you know.)

~A kazoo (I don’t carry one, but I should. Think of all the annoying fun you could have.)

~Checkbook or credit card (To pay for the items, that you didn't want, but that your child broke.)

~Pen and paper (To write down the things that come of the mouths of those babes while you are parked at a stop light.)

~Your license/military ID (never leave home without it.) Check, double check and make sure you have it.

So, why the insistence on making sure you have your ID with you? Well, because if you have little ones like mine, they enjoy rifling through your purse/diaper bag/wallet and stealing items out of it. One of the troops at my house enjoys taking mine and pretending its her debit card.

What else must you have? Oh, gosh, how could I forget---a sense of humor! Be prepared for anything but expect the unexpected. You never know when the troops will start to get rowdy and start running through clothes racks in a department store. Sure, the game of hide and seek is fun for them, but think about how ridiculous you will look crouching down and searching for them shouting. Janey! Johnny! Come to mommy! Seriously, get over here now! I'm not kidding. I'm leaving without you. C'mon. Kids! Kids! Wait until I tell your father about this.

Think about how far candy or a cookie go go for bribery right now. Certainly, you would be contributing from tooth decay, BUT you'd be avoiding looks from passersby and a call from child services who decides you can't keep track of your own kids.

The moral of this post? Stock your purse with goodies for you (to keep sane) and goodies for the kids (for bribing good behavior). It's good for troop morale!


Time Travelers Wife said...

Absolutely! lol

I've lost count of the times I smile through gitted teeth, while trying to quietly call for hidden children, without bringing attention to myself. People think you have no control but they are the kind of people who don't have kids of their own and have no idea!

I also take spare clothes everywhere as someone always gets wet! (be it - wet knickers, juice down the top or falling in a puddle)

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Oh yes, the spare clothes. My husband says it looks like I'm packing for a trip when I'm just running a simple errand. My motto, is you can never be too prepared. LOL