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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reader Beware--Icky Blog Post ahead.

For what are jungle boots ideal? Well, for cleaning the yard, of course. That being said, I don’t reside in a hot, humid climate and the terrain I must clean is hardly dusty. Still, it has leavings of a sweet pup who should really learn to clean up after herself.

I don’t currently own a pair of jungle boots. However, I will don my darling husband’s construction boots to clean up what I like to call the wasteland. Alright, I don’t actually call it that. It’s not a horrid chore to clean up after our beloved pet. What is annoying is the stuff left behind by other dogs. You know the ones whose owners walk right by our property and refuse to clean up. I did manage to catch on in the act once, but my heart wouldn’t allow me to come screaming out the front door mandating that the clean up the waste. Why not? Well, the individual with their pet is an elderly person from a few houses down who quite obviously has some sort of disability. I know, I know, they still should know how important it is to and at least respect their neighbors. Had it been anyone else, I would have been a screaming banshee for sure. I let this one slide though and cleaned it up myself. Argh. Why do I have a nice bone in my body?

At any rate, it’s imperative that people clean up animal waste. Sure, it’s not a fun job, and it’s time consuming, but there are health risks involved if the waste is left. I’m sorry if you’ve happened upon this blog and didn’t know you were going to read about dog poop today. I do apologize, but this is for the large percentage of our population who doesn’t understand the impact animal feces has on our environment.

Coliform bacteria is bad. Plain and simple. This type of bacteria can be found in dog feces, as well as other types of mammal waste. If left long enough, it can seep into the ground and even be pushed down into storm drains. Not only can ground and surface water be affected, but so can lakes and creeks. There is no treatment done to prevent pollution if pet feces is just left out in the open. No poop fairy walks by to clean it up and the elements won’t make it vanish.

Next time you seen someone not cleaning up after their pet while walking it in your neighborhood, be vigilant. Just think of how it could affect your water supply.

Thanks for tuning in for this disgusting but extremely important PSA.

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