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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Go do The thing With the Boy

These are words uttered to me in the middle of the night to my husband. What do they mean though?

I crashed hard the other night. I think in part because I was exhausted and also because I had a cooling fan blowing on me. That and the white noise invited deep sleep. Apparently, the baby awoke in the middle of the night. I reacted to the loud crying by saying to my husband in a muffled muttering " that --- Thing-- With the boy."


That was his reaction too apparently. Now, mind you, I don't remember saying this, but he does and he said he turned to me (from his own sleep) and said, "Honey, what are you talking about" only for me to repeat it. He reports that he laid there and hoped the baby would just stop crying and fall back to sleep. He didn't. The crying started up again, at which point, my husband nudges me, "Go get the baby, he's hungry." In a trance-like state, I actually got out of bed and retrieved the little booger from his crib.

Seriously, why didn't my husband just go do the thing with the boy and let me sleep? Me!

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trying said...

if only right! when a child is crying in our house it is I who trudges across the floor to their room. He claims he doesn't hear them, he blames it on having to listen to a crying baby tape over and over in sear school... he says he doesnt register it anymore. This from the man who slept thru mortar attacks.