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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things Daddies miss.

When daddy is away, he misses the tantrums and the sibling rivalry. He also misses the swallowing of pennies or marbles and umpteen million requests for one just one more drink before bed. Some kids skip school and dad misses the calls home from the principal while other children stay out past curfew worrying mom as she paces the floor. Maybe he misses the awards ceremony at school or at the soccer field and other momentous occasions.

I know the things my husband misses when work takes him away from home. While he misses the tough stuff and parenting struggles, my heart knows he’d rather be here for he misses the precious and tender moments of childhood too. He misses the cuddles and smiles, discoveries and silly secrets and most of all he doesn’t get to hear them say the words I hear all the time about how much they miss him. You dads who are gone for deployments or even just a regular work day know that, if your children are anything like mine, they think of you often. They are eager to share with you the simplest things upon your return whether it’s how an ant ran across the yard or how they wished upon a star you were also sleeping under. Children don’t need extravagant gifts or superheroes to brighten their day. You, daddy, are their hero and the best gift of all and is greeting them with open arms upon your return.

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