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Thursday, June 5, 2008

He's home.


Well, the man in blue returned home late last night. It was a long day. You know the typical preparations for the return home, cleaning house and all. Well, we had a bunch of other stuff going on too, which made it an interesting day, but I'll spare you the details.

Anyway, his flight was delayed and the piece of that which really stinks is that our home is an hour from the airport he was arriving at. So, not only did we have to wait for him to take off to begin to track his flight home, but we also had to wait for him to call us. This was because he also had to go back to his office to unload all of the equipment he and the guys were using on this trip before even thinking about going home.
Two thirds of the children were still up and and awake, excited beyond belief, when I loaded them all into the van for the hour ride. We didn't actually make it to the base until about 11:45 pm. Thankfully everyone slept almost the whole way there and the whole way home, save for a few crying outbursts.

He's so glad to be home, and we are so happy too. You know that refreshing feeling of peace once your whole family is under the same roof again? Yeah, that's how it feels. I love that feeling.

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trying said...

enjoy being together as a family!