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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Better late than never, Almost Wordless (ok not at all) Thursday

This is me and my niece the day of her Baptism.
(pardon the thrilled look on my face)

Then there is a pic from the other day (on the right) , my niece is the tall one in the middle and she is all grown up, well almost.

Either time really flies or I'm just getting old. Hmph.


Amber said...

Wow. Time does fly, though.

I promise.


The Little Wife said...
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The Little Wife said...
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Just a Girl in a Port said...

It seems like yesterday. Doesn't it always though? I actually remember her Baptism vividly. I was home on leave and everyone in the family HAD to take the pic with the girl in uniform. LOL I always felt like a celebrity on occasions like that.

I remember how fragile my niece seemed. She was perfect and I never thought I could adore a child as much as I did her. Everyone said once I had my own children my feelings would change. I never knew what they meant until that day came. I still adore my niece, but man, something about looking into the eyes of your newborn baby makes you fall in love and realize you have more capacity to love other children than you ever thought possible.