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Friday, August 22, 2008

Today was a beautiful day.

I was able to do some important research this morning. I compiled lists for a organization that is up and coming. That, to me, felt satisfying. Of course, it wasn't an easy task. You see there were, as always, children afoot. So, googling and yahooing and analyzing requires talent some days. Thankfully, I can multi-task. I enjoyed my bowl of Special K, tickled a baby, wiped up spilt milk and typed a list of resources almost all concurrently. Alright, so I'm not 8 legged and three headed, but some days I feel as though I am.

Do you ever just slump down on the couch at the end of a looooooong day and look around? Then you ask yourself How did I get it all done? That was me today. Of course, most days it's I need about 10 more hours to get it all done. Today was an exception. Maybe it was partly due to the fact that the children played well together today. Perhaps it was the gorgeous weather that lifted my spirits and got me going. Maybe it was even the fact that I'm much better with time management these days. Who knows.

So, I had a chance to do some things that rarely ever get done today. I pruned the weeds in my garden. It's not much of a garden, but it's there and I like it. I also washed our the van and my hubby's car. That was fun. I felt like a kid again. Nonetheless, I kept shouting No, get out of that puddle; and, please stop putting mud on the house, but it was fun. The baby truly amazed me and sat in his stroller the whole time. He just watched me and didn't put up a fight. I think he was just amazed that mom was off of her butt and away from the computer. It was like nothing he's ever seen. Maybe he didn't even recognize me.

The end of the afternoon did have my head spinning. Between the baby being practically choked by his sister and the girls losing their clothes I was so irritated. Yes, they asserted that someone stole them as they strutted around the house in their underwear. I was none too pleased and ordered them to put their clothes back on. Many tears later, I found that I was in fact the one who had stole the clothes (by accident). They were in the hallway with a pile of towels to be washed and I threw them in the dirty laundry. Oops, my mistake.

So, it's now nighttime and here I sit. My husband sits in front of the television, viciously clicking as though he'll miss something on another channel. I should go to bed. Instead I type. I fear I may not have another free night for awhile. I fear that I may be just posting articles written by other people again. While that information is great and hopefully helpful to you, I do like to type all about my wicked exciting life and bore you with all the details.

'til next time.


The Mrs. said...

oh days like this are FANTASTIC! Well except for the whole choking incident and the missing clothes but thats also par for course in parenthood.

and you didnt think your cheerios were showing....

liberal army wife said...

ya know, there are days when the organization fairy really does her job.. and you look around at what you got done, and it's so coooool