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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Did you hear that? It's quiet?

Well, I'm on a blogging kick today, aren't I?

I should tell you that despite that, today has been chaotic. Alright, chaotic isn't the most accurate description. It's been verging on...well, it rhymes with swell and swell it was not.

It all started last night actually. I had a bout of insomnia. With the man in blue gone I've been out of my sleep comfort lately. Up until last night, it wasn't that bad. Well, I tossed and turned, catalogued things to do in my head, thought about what I didn't get done yesterday and pondered the complexities of the universe. I finally started to fall asleep at one point only to be jolted awake by a screaming black cat outside of my bedroom window. Black. Cat. Ugh.

Anyway, it apparently had been fighting with something. I was irate. I actually got up and started shouting at the menacing devil cat out the window. I even hissed. Yes, I did. The cat looked at me as if to say What the f&*! ? So, we had a staring match. All the while I could have been trying to get back to sleep. Somehow common sense smacked me upside the head and back to bed I sauntered. ****WAAAAAAHHHHH*****

Darn it, the baby's up. He starts with the "Ma Ma Ma maaaaa". So sad and sweet all at the same time. I gamble that he may fall back to sleep. After about 2 minutes, I cave and go and rescue him. Well, after he's soothed and back in his crib again, I gave the whole sleeping thing another shot. FINALLY, at what I assume was officially hours after zero dark thirty, I fell asleep.

Well morning was ushered into by two screaming banshees. My eldest had previously poked me and asked to play on Playhouse Disney, which I obliged only to squeeze out a few more minutes of sleep (as if that was possible). Her sister, bound and determined to do whatever she was doing scampered down the hall to join her. The quiet and sweet sisterly computer sharing lasted for approximately 24 seconds. My mommy clock told me so.

Wild, blood curdling screaming ensued. The pinching game was on. Well, I was up now and sleep would have to wait (again). The baby, of course, heard all of this joyous music and, he too, was screaming. Well, he needed a diaper changing (badly). So amidst, wrestling the foul thing off of my sweet boy, I was trying to wrestle the two girls apart. She pinched me. No, I didn't. She wouldn't leave me alone. I want breakfast. Mommy, mommy, mommmyyyyyyy. Seriously, they were about a foot from me all while this madness took place.

I'm truly amazed that I didn't absolutely lose my mind and dissolve into a pile of ashes right in front them. Okay, so this seemed to go on for an eternity, while it actually only probably was about 2 minutes before everyone was calm again. My eyes were barely open and I really, really wished the man in blue was home because he SWEARS stuff like this never happens with him. Okay, Super Dad, what's your secret?

At any rate, most of the day was back and forth bantering. The lady next door to us a school teacher. When retrieving the mail, I asked Is it September yet? She said all the parents ask her that and she doesn't want to go back yet.

Oh, yes, there is more. So, we finally made it out to run some errands at one point. My mother tries to reach me by phone and does eventually. Where are you? There's a tornado warning in your county! Get inside somewhere. Go to a basement. Where are the kids?

Ummmm, well I'm trying to buckle them in, we just got out of Target and I have to run to the grocery store. You can't, get to a safe spot. At this point, I'm already on the highway heading home. I was officially spooked as I did see a sudden onset of nasty weather and lightening strike down practically vertically about a mile up the road. Yikes! Okay, I'll call you later, we'll go into another store. Well, I decided to brave it and head home. We have a basement, so it was the wisest thought (in my crazed mommy mind). Fret not, we made it home safely.

We did have to venture back out to retrieve items from the grocery store and that included a lot of Can I have? and I want..... Please tell every child in America is like this. If they are not, lie to me because mine can't be all that spoiled. Honestly, they CAN be real sweethearts and are well-behaved (for other people ;) ).

So, since I am writing a book here I'll cut to the chase...bedtime has come and gone and all is quiet on the homefront. I should really go to sleep now. Wish me luck with that, would ya'?

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Suzie said...

I hope you got some sleep and no little ones woke you up