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Monday, August 25, 2008

Once Upon a Time, I was Snow White.

I just visited a lovely military spouse blog, and chuckled at her quote. It goes as follows:

I used to be snow white, but I drifted. ~ Mae West

I've heard this quote, and I have always enjoyed it. One reason is because one of my high school nicknames was "Snow White" for a number of reasons. I have dark, dark hair, fair skin and often wore my hair in a bob. I would love to tell you it was also because I was heir to a throne somewhere, but I never lie. So, I'll fib and just reference that I was verging on perfection. *giggle*

At any rate, my nickname also meant a lot more (if you know me, please don't act so shocked, there was once a time...). I was pure, you have no idea, how innocent and naïve I was. Seriously. It's amazing I made it through boot camp let alone to the fleet.

Rest assured, I've drifted. Of course, how could I not have? You just grow up. The military does that to you as well. I won't say I blame all of my drifting from complete purity on the military, but it can be said that the real Snow White probably never shot a SAW. Wouldn't that be a fascinating fairy tale?

Snow White looked at the wretched witch and declared I don't need your flippin' apple. Take a bite of this Evil Queen. And, from beneath her billowy skirts, the princess whipped out a SAW and blew the witch's head clear off her shoulders. Snow White returned to the kingdom and took the throne wherein she presided as the Queen for the next 50 years. Oh, and as for the prince, she didn't need him. She sent him packing despite his wooing and courting efforts. Silly fool couldn't do anything but kiss her. Hmph.

Alright, so that's not at all so pleasant. I suppose I won't be sharing that with my girls any time soon. Pardon my warped storytelling tendencies. I told you I drifted.

So, what's a quote about you? Is there one that perfectly describes you or the former you?

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Lt Mascara said...

Thanks for swinging by! I adore that quote! Sometimes I'm still pretty pure, with a sassy side! I think I like your version of the story better!

And my hats off to you...I couldn't have ever made it TO boot camp, much less THROUGH boot camp. I just stay married to it which for me is challenge enough!

Thanks for sharing in the Run for the Fallen yesterday. I'm sure the reverence was reverberating all over!